TC8 is responsible for defining test processes within that standardization body. It enables test houses to perform ECU testing by establishing regular audits of the test specifications and the requirements to increase communication quality of the Ethernet ECUs and networks in an automotive system. Rohde & Schwarz, Spirent Communications & Technica Engineering bring together a complete package solution covering all the mandatory testing as described in the TC8 ECU Open Alliance document for both physical and protocol layers.

  • Rohde & Schwarz 100/1000BASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet test solution
    (incl. R&S®ScopeSuite automation software, R&S®RTO oscilloscope and R&S®ZND two-port VNA)
  • SPIRENT Automotive Ethernet C1 or C50 TestCenter Appliance
  • SPIRENT TTsuite-OPEN incl. TTworkbench Express Software
    (for test scope TCP/IP protocol family & test scope Automotive protocols)
  • TECHNICA ENGINEERING Golden Device for IOP (Interoperability)
  • ANDi Tool software package
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