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ANDi is a test and simulation environment for Ethernet electronic control units and also for the CAN/CAN-FD, LIN and FlexRay bus systems.

The ANDi environment supports electronic control unit developers with the validation of their ECU functions by means of generated residual bus simulations and intelligent message generators. A traffic viewer with signal graph display and seamless support of automotive databases (Fibex, ARXML, DBC, LDF) make it ultimately flexible and practical. Through the support of Technica Engineering and other hardware, as well as .net extensions, ANDi can be used as a powerful tool for complex ECU test and test automation.
ANDi环境通过生成的残余总线仿真和智能消息生成器,为电子控制单元开发人员提供其ECU功能的验证,从而为他们提供支持。 具有信号图显示和无缝支持汽车数据库(Fibex,ARXML,DBC,LDF)的交通查看器使其最终具有灵活性和实用性。 通过Technica Engineering和其他硬件以及.net扩展的支持,ANDi可以用作进行复杂ECU测试和测试自动化的强大工具。

ANDi helps test teams to validate their ECU functions throughout the test process (planning, development, realisation and reporting).

As opposed to other ECU developer tools, ANDi can be used to validate tests quickly and easily.

ANDi is particularly flexible and user-friendly; thanks to its scope of functions, its expandability and its graphical user interface.
ANDi特别灵活且用户友好; 得益于其功能范围,可扩展性和图形用户界面。

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