MediaConverter Multi-Gigabit

2.5G/5G/10G Base-T1和10GBase-T之间全双工物理层转换

The MediaConverter Multi-Gigabit Marvell from Technica Engineering establishes a direct point-to-point conversion between Automotive ECUs using 10GBASE-T1 and any standard Gigabit Ethernet device. 
Technica Engineering的MediaConverter Multi-Gigabit Marvell,用以在使用10GBASE-T1的ECU和10GBASE-T标准万兆以太网设备之间建立直接的全双工点对点转换,

In the conversion, no packets are stored or modified. The conversion takes place on the physical layer with the highest proven reliability, with no latency and no packet loss.
This device which uses a PHY from Marvell, is one of the first implementations worldwide of a multigigabit Automotive Ethernet physical layer media converter.
A massive housing made of galvanized sheet steel, coupled with DIP switches for ease of configuration, enables the user to interact with the converter effortlessly.

No customized driver is needed to interact with this MediaConverter. It communicates with standard Ethernet through an SFP slot. It comes with an automotive-grade H-MTD connector and a standard SFP slot. 
The devices can also be accessed using the debug connector for TX/RX register values as well as information regarding link quality. 

With the in-built status LEDs, the operation of the device is transparent and aids the tester to detect link-up and data transmission visually.
No extra hardware or software complements are needed to connect the device with a PC or a Laptop. The device can be coupled with any hardware or software tool that runs on standard Ethernet with an RJ-45 connector.

  • Converts between 10GBASE-T1 Automotive Gigabit Ethernet and 10GBASE-T Standard Gigabit Ethernet or optical Ethernet
  • 1 × H-MTD port for 10GBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet
    1 × H-MTD口用于10GBASE-T1车载以太网
  • 1 × Standard SFP+ port
    1 × 标准SFP+口
  • 4 × Status LEDs
    4 × 状态指示灯
  • 1 × MQS connector
    1 × MQS接插件
  • Voltage requirement: 12-24 volt DC
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Size: 95 × 95 × 32mm
    尺寸: 95 ×95 × 32mm

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