Nowadays, Automotive industry meets the following challenge当前,汽车业面临如下的挑战

• Automotive Ethernet has conquered the modern E/E vehicle network. The challenges arises during test and validation without interfering with the network timing. Now Automotive Ethernet has conquered the modern E/E vehicle network, this challenge gets even bigger when reliable capturing of AVB/TSN with the need for diagnostics protocols to be sent to the DUTs during run-time.
可靠地捕获AVB / TSN流量,而不干扰网络时序是测试和验证过程中的挑战。随着汽车以太网进入了现代E / E车辆网络,可靠地捕获AVB / TSN流量使得这一挑战变得更大,尤其是在需要在运行时发送诊断报文到被测对象。
• The future brings connected and self-driving cars, for which an unprecedented amount of data is required. One technology soon to hit the road that addresses this challenge is Automotive Gigabit Ethernet.
互联和自动驾驶是汽车的未来,需要前所未有的大量数据。 很快就能应对这一挑战的一项技术是汽车千兆以太网。
• In the Era of autonomous driving one key challenge for the test and validation is the reliable capture of relevant in-vehicle-traffic from different communication technologies,e.g. conventional CAN bus, as well as CAN-FD, FlexRay and RS-232
• For the Body-Domain, the classic analogue signals and the cost efficient LIN Bus are still important technologies.

Technica Engineering released IVN2Eth Capture Module family , which is specifically designed to solve these problems and many more, such as:
Technica Engineering公司发布了IVN2Eth Capture Module,以专门用于解决这些问题,例如:
• Implement innovative PLP protocol
• It starts-up faster than the DUT’s whose traffic it will capture
• Special design to make sure no packet loss
• The traffic is delivered with hardware time stamp.
• Several devices can be used on the same setup, and when other IVN technologies are present, the in-built-synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use with the other “IVN2Eth Capture Modules”.
同一个环境可以使用多个设备,并使用内置的802.1AS协议与其他“IVN2Eth Capture Module”同步。
• Many additional features make this device appropriate for general-purpose testing.

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