The basic motivation to specify “yet another Client/Server and Sender/Receiver mechanism“ instead of using an existing infrastructure/technology is the goal to have a technology that:

  • Fulfills the hard requirements regarding resource consumption in an embedded world
  • Is compatible through as many use-cases and communication partners as possible  
  • compatible with AUTOSAR at least on the wire-format level; i.e. can communicate with PDUs AUTOSAR can receive and send without modification to the AUTOSAR standard. The mappings within AUTOSAR shall be chosen according to the SOME/IP specification.
    至少在wire-format上与AUTOSAR兼容; 如AUTOSAR标准无需修改即可接收和发送能与之通信的PDU。应根据SOME / IP规范选择AUTOSAR中的映射。
  • Provides the features required by automotive use-cases
  • Is scalable from tiny to large platforms
  • Can be implemented on different operating system (i.e. AUTOSAR, GENIVI, and OSEK) and even embedded devices without operating system
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