• The UDP binding of SOME/IP is straight forward by transporting SOME/IP messages in UDP packets. The SOME/IP messages shall not be fragmented. Therefore care shall be taken that SOME/IP messages are not too big, i.e. up to 1400 Bytes of SOME/IP payload. Messages with bigger payload shall not be transported over UDP but with e.g. TCP.
    通过在UDP数据包中传输SOME / IP消息,SOME / IP的UDP绑定是直接的。 SOME / IP消息不应该被分段。 因此,应注意SOME / IP消息不要太大,即SOME / IP payload最多1400字节。 payload较大的消息不得通过UDP传输但是可以通过TCP传输。
  • The header format allows transporting more than one SOME/IP message in a single UDP packet. The SOME/IP implementation shall identify the end of a SOME/IP message by means of the SOME/IP length field. Based on the UDP length field, SOME/IP shall determine if there are additional SOME/IP messages in the UDP packet.
    Header格式允许在单个UDP数据包中传输多个SOME / IP消息。 SOME / IP实现应通过SOME / IP length字段识别SOME / IP消息的结束。 根据UDP length字段,SOME / IP应确定是否有其他SOME / IP消息在UDP数据包中。
  • Each SOME/IP payload shall have its own SOME/IP header.
    每个SOME / IP payload都应有自己的SOME / IP header。
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