Publish/Subscribe Handling

  • In contrast to the SOME/IP request/response mechanism there may are cases in which a client requires a set of parameters from a server, but does not want to request that information each time it is required. These are called notifications and concern events and fields.
    与SOME / IP请求/响应机制不同,可能存在客户端需要来自服务器的一组参数但不希望每次需要时请求该信息的情况。 这些被称为notification和event和field。
  • All clients needing events and/or notification events shall register using the SOME/IP-SD at run-time with a server.
    所有需要event和/或notification event的客户端都应在运行时使用SOME / IP-SD向服务器进行申请。
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