Return Code返回代码

  • The Error Handling is based on an 8 Bit Std_returnType of AUTOSAR. The two most significant bits are reserved and shall be set to 0. The receiver of a return code shall ignore the values of the two most significant bits.
  • The system shall not return an error message for events/notifications.
  • The system shall not return an error message for fire&forget methods.
    系统不应针对fire&forget method返回错误消息。
  • The system shall not return an error message for events/notifications and fire&forget methods if the Message Type is set incorrectly to Request or Response.
    如果消息类型被不正确地设置为Request or Response ,则系统也不应返回错误消息给events/notification 和 fire&forget method。
  • For request/response methods the error message shall copy over the fields of the SOME/IP header (i.e. Message ID, Request ID, and Interface Version) but not the payload. In addition Message Type and Return Code have to be set to the appropriate values.
    对于Request/Response method, error消息应复制SOME / IP header(比如消息ID,请求ID和接口版本),但不包括payload。此外,必须将Message Type 和Return Code设置为适当的值。
  • The SOME/IP implementation shall not use an unknown protocol version but write a supported protocol version in the header.
    实施SOME / IP不应使用未知protocol version ,而是在header中写入支持的协议版本。
  • Generation and handling of return codes shall be configurable.
  • Implementations shall not answer with errors to SOME/IP message already carrying an error (i.e. return code 0x01 – 0x1f).
    在实现上,不应用含有error的SOME/IP消息去回复已经携带了error的消息(比如. 返回码 0x01 – 0x1f)。
  • The following Return Codes are currently defined and shall be implemented as described:
ID Name Description
0x00 E_OK No error occurred
0x01 E_NOT_OK An unspecified error occurred
0x02 E_UNKNOWN_SERVICE The requested Service ID is unknown.
0x03 E_UNKNOWN_METHOD The requested Method ID is unknown. Service ID is known.
0x04 E_NOT_READY Service ID and Method ID are known. Application not running.
0x05 E_NOT_REACHABLE System running the service is not reachable (internal error code only).
0x06 E_TIMEOUT A timeout occurred (internal error code only).
0x07 E_WRONG_PROTOCOL_ VERSION VersionofSOME/IPprotocolnotsupported
0x08 E_WRONG_INTERFACE_ VERSION Interface version mismatch
0x09 E_MALFORMED_MESSAGE Deserialization error, so that payload cannot be deserialized.
0x0a E_WRONG_MESSAGE_TYPE An unexpected message type was received (e.g. REQUEST_NO_RETURN for a method defined as REQUEST.)
0x0b – 0x1f RESERVED Reserved for generic SOME/IP errors. These errors will be specified in future versions of this document.
0x20 – 0x3f RESERVED Reservedforspecificerrorsofservicesand methods. These errors are specified by the interface specification.

Error Message Format错误消息格式

  • For a more flexible error handling, SOME/IP allows the user to specify a message layout specific for errors instead of using the message layout for response messages. This is defined by the interface specification and can be used to transport exceptions of higher level programming languages.
    为了实现更灵活的error处理,SOME / IP允许用户指定专门的error message布局,而不是沿用response message的布局。 这由接口规范定义,可用于传输更高级编程语言的异常。
  • The recommended layout for the exception message is the following:
  • -Union of specific exceptions. At least a generic exception without fields needs to exist.
  • -Dynamic Length String for exception description.
  • The union gives the flexibility to add new exceptions in the future in a type-safe manner. The string is used to transport human readable exception descriptions to ease testing and debugging.
    union提供了以type-safe方式在将来添加新异常的灵活性。 该字符串用于传输具有可读性的异常描述,以便于测试和调试。
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