SOME/IP shall be transported using UDP and TCP based on the configuration. When used in a vehicle the ports used shall be specified in the Interface Specification.
根据配置使用UDP和TCP传输SOME/IP。 在车辆中使用时,所使用的端口应在Interface Specification中指定。

If an ECU needs to dynamically use a port number, it shall follow the rules of IETF and IANA for that: 如果ECU需要动态使用端口号,则它应遵循IETF和IANA的规则:

Ephemeral ports from range 49152-65535 •范围为49152-65535 端口

If not specified otherwise by the Interface Specification (i.e. FIBEX or ARXML), the SOME/IP implementation may use port 30491 as SOME/IP dynamic client port and the port 30501 as first SOME/IP server port. For further server instances the ports 30502, 30503, and so on may be used.
如果没有通过Interface Specification (即FIBEX或ARXML)进行规定,则SOME / IP实现可以使用端口30491作为SOME / IP动态客户端端口,并将端口30501作为第一个SOME / IP服务器端口。 对于更多的服务器实例,可以使用端口30502,30503等。

The IP addresses and port numbers an ECU shall use, shall be taken from the Interface Specification.
ECU应使用的IP地址和端口号应取自Interface Specification 。

The client shall take the IP address and port number the server announces using SOME/IP-SD 客户端需要使用服务端通过SOME / IP-SD发布的IP地址和端口号。

SOME/IP-SD currently uses port 304901 but this shall be over written if another port number is specified in the Interface Specification. 如果在Interface Specification中指定了另一个端口号,那么SOME / IP-SD当前使用端口号304901将被改写。

The port 304902 (UDP and TCP as well) shall be only used for SOME/IP-SD and not used for applications communicating over SOME/IP. 端口304902(UDP和TCP)只能用于SOME / IP-SD,不能用于通过SOME / IP进行通信的应用程序

It is recommended to use UDP for as many messages as possible and see TCP as fall-back for message requiring larger size. UDP allows the application to better control of timings and behavior when errors occur. 建议为尽可能多的消息使用UDP,并将TCP看作需要更大消息的低效方式。 UDP允许应用程序在错误发生时更好地控制时序和行为。

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