Error Processing Overview错误处理一览

  • The error handling of SOME/IP is shown as an example flow chart in Figure 6.8. This does not include the application based error handling but just covers the error handling in messaging and RPC.
    SOME / IP的错误处理如右图所示的示例流程图所示。 这不包括基于应用程序的错误处理,而只包括消息传递和RPC中的错误处理。
  • Error handling shall be based on the message type received (e.g. only methods can be answered with a return code) and shall be checked in a defined.
    错误处理应基于收到的message type(例如,只有method才能回复return code),并按照顺序进行检查。
Error Handling in SOME/IP

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