SOME/IP报文-Message ID

Message ID [32 Bit]

The Message ID is a 32 Bit identifier that is used to dispatch the RPC call to a method of an application and to identify an event. The Message ID has to uniquely identify a method or event of a service.
Message  ID是一个32位标识符,用于将RPC调用分派给应用程序的method并识别event 。 Message  ID必须能唯一标识service的method或event。

The assignment of the Message ID is up to the user; however, the Message ID has to be unique for the whole system (i.e. the vehicle). The Message ID can be best compared to a CAN ID and should be handled with a comparable process. The next section describes how structure the Message IDs in order to ease the organization of Message IDs.
Message ID的分配取决于用户; 然而,对于整个系统(即车辆),消息ID必须是唯一的。 消息ID可以与CAN ID进行比较,并且应该使用类似的过程进行处理。 下一节将介绍如何构建Message ID以便简化Message ID的组织。

In order to structure the different methods, events, and fields, they are clustered into services. Services have a set of methods, events, and fields as well as a Service ID, which is only used for this service.
为了构造不同的method, event和field ,它们被聚集到service中。 service具有一组method , event和field以及services ID,该ID仅用于此service。

Service ID [16 Bit]

Service-IDs shall be of type 16 bit length unsigned integer (uint16).

The Service-ID of 0xFFFE shall be used to encode non SOME/IP services.
Service-ID=0xFFFE用来编码非SOME / IP服务。

Different services within the same vehicle shall have different Service-IDs.

Method ID [16 Bit]

Methods and events shall be identified inside a service using a 16bit Method-ID, which is called Event-ID for events and notifications.
Method和event应在service内部使用16位Method ID来识别,对Event和notification来说,称为Event ID 

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