Configuration Option配置选项

  • The Configuration Option transports additional attributes of entries in the Service Discovery messages. Between 0 and n configuration items can be transported using the Configuration Option. These configuration items can include for example the name of the host or the Service.
    Configuration Option传输Service Discovery 报文中entries之外的其他属性。 可以使用配置选项传输0到n个配置项目。 这些配置项目可以包括,例如,主机或服务的名称。
  • Receiving a config_item_string without an “=” sign shall be interpreted as key present without value.
  • Multiple config_item_string with the same key in a single configuration option shall be supported.
  • If SdInstanceHostname exists, a key “hostname” with the value set to the string of this configuration item shall be added to the Configuration Option.
  • Services exist, that are not identified by a unique 16 Bit Service ID but a unique value of the key otherserv. These services use the Service ID 0xFFFE and must always carry a configuration option with an otherserv record. ECUs receiving an entry with Service ID 0xFFFE shall use the configuration option and the otherserv record within in order to identify the relevant Service or Eventgroup configuration item. This means that two Service Instance with the same Service ID and Service Instance ID may exist as long as their otherserv record is different.
    有一些服务,它们不是由唯一的16位服务ID标识的,而是由键值otherserv的唯一值确定的。这些服务使用服务ID 0xFFFE,并且必须始终携带一个otherserv记录的configuration option。接收具有服务ID 0xFFFE的entry的ECU应使用configuration option以及含在其中的otherserv记录来识别相关的服务或事件组配置。这意味着具有相同服务ID和服务实例ID的两个服务实例可以存在,只要其他otherserv记录不同
  • The configuration option shall be built based on configuration parameters mentioned in SWS_SD_00292.
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