IPv4/IPv6 SD Endpoint Option

  • The IPv4 SD Endpoint Option and IPv6 SD Endpoint Option transport the endpoint (i.e. IP-Address and Port) of the senders SD implementation. This is used to identify the SOME/IP-SD Instance in cases in which the IP-Address and/or Port Number cannot be used.
    IPv4 SD Endpoint Option和IPv6 SD Endpoint Option传输发送者的一个SD实现中的Endpoint (即IP地址和端口)。在IP地址和/或端口号不能使用的情况下,本Option可用于识别SOME / IP-SD实例。
  • The IPv4 SD Endpoint Option shall only be included if the SOME/IP-SD message is transported over IPv4.
    只有在SOME / IP-SD消息通过IPv4传输时才应包含IPv4 SD端点选项。
  • The IPv4 SD Endpoint Option shall be included in any SD Options Array up to one time.
    IPv4 SD Endpoint Option在任何SD Option队列中最多包含一次。
  • The IPv4 SD Endpoint Option shall be the first option in the options array, if it exists.
    IPv4 SD Endpoint Option应该是options array中的第一个option(如果存在)。
  • If more than one IPv4 SD Endpoint Option is received, only the first shall be processed and all further IPv4 SD Endpoint Options shall be ignored.
    如果收到多个IPv4 SD Endpoint Option,则只处理第一个IPv4 SD Endpoint Option ,并忽略所有其他IPv4 SD Endpoint Option 。
  • No SD Entry shall reference the IPv4 SD Endpoint Option.
    没有SD Entry应引用IPv4 SD Endpoint Option 。
  • If the IPv4 SD Endpoint Option is included in the SD message, the receiving SD implementation shall use the content of this option instead of the Source IP Address and Source Port Number.
    如果SD 报文中包含 IPv4 SD Endpoint Option ,则接收该SD的实例,应使用此option的内容而不是源IP地址和源端口号。
  • Note注意:
    This is important for answering the received SD message (e.g. Offer after Find or Subscribe after Offer or Subscribe Ack after Subscribe) as well as the reboot detection (channel based on SD Endpoint Option and not the addresses in the message).
    这对于回答接收到的SD消息是很重要的(例如,在Find之后offer或者offer之后Subscribe或者Subscribe之后Subscribe Ack)以及reboot detection(基于SD Endpoint Option的通道而不是message中的地址)。
  • The same rules apply for IPv6 SD Endpoint Option.
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