Handling missing, redundant, and conflictinHandling missing, redundant, and conflicting Options处理缺失,冗余和冲突的选项

error handling concerning options referenced by entries.

  • If an entry references an unknown option, this option shall be ignored.
  • If an entry references an redundant option (option that is not needed by this specific entry), this option shall be ignored.
  • If an entry references two or more options that are in conflict, this entry shall be answered negatively or ignored if that is not possible.
  • When two different Configuration Options are referenced by an entry, the configuration sets shall be merged.
  • If the two Configuration Options have conflicting items (same name), all items shall be handled. There shall be no attempt been made to merge duplicate items.
    如果两个Configuration Option有冲突的名目(同名),则应处理所有名目。 不应该尝试合并重复的项目。
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