Interaction of the AUTOSAR Service Discovery module

  • The AUTOSAR Service Discovery module offers functionality to detect and offer available services – i.e. functional entities – within the vehicle network. To do so, it makes use of the IP Multicast and so called SOME/IP-SD messages.
    AUTOSAR服务发现模块用来在车辆网络内检测和提供可用服务(即功能实体)。 为此,它使用IP多播和所谓的SOME / IP-SD消息。
  • The Service Discovery module (Sd) is located between the AUTOSAR BSW Mode Manager module (BswM) and the AUTOSAR Socket Adaptor module (SoAd).
    Service Discovery模块(Sd)位于AUTOSAR BSW模式管理器模块(BswM)和AUTOSAR套接字适配器模块(SoAd)之间。

Overview of Services and Eventgroups

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