Return Code [8 Bit]

  • The Return Code is used to signal whether a request was successfully been processed. For simplification of the header layout, every message transports the field Return Code.
    Return Code用于表示request是否已成功处理。 为了简化header布局,每条消息都传输Return代码。
  • Messages of Type REQUEST, REQUEST_NO_RETURN, and Notification have to set the Return Code to 0x00 (E_OK). The allowed Return Codes for specific message types are:
    类型为REQUEST, REQUEST_NO_RETURN和Notification的消息必须将返回码设置为0x00(E_OK)。 允许的特定消息类型的返回码是:
NumberValueReturn code
0x00REQUEST0x00 (E_OK) 
0x81ERROR Shall not be 0x00 (E_OK).
ID Name Description
0x00 E_OK No error occurred
0x01 E_NOT_OK An unspecified error occurred
0x02 E_UNKNOWN_SERVICE The requested Service ID is unknown.
0x03 E_UNKNOWN_METHOD The requested Method ID is unknown. Service ID is known.
0x04 E_NOT_READY Service ID and Method ID are known. Application not running.
0x05 E_NOT_REACHABLE System running the service is not reachable (internal error code only).
0x06 E_TIMEOUT A timeout occurred (internal error code only).
0x07 E_WRONG_PROTOCOL_ VERSION Version of SOME/IP protocol not supported
0x08 E_WRONG_INTERFACE_ VERSION Interface version mismatch
0x09 E_MALFORMED_MESSAGE Deserialization error, so that payload cannot be deserialized.
0x0a E_WRONG_MESSAGE_TYPE An unexpected message type was received (e.g. REQUEST_NO_RETURN for a method defined as REQUEST.)
0x0b – 0x1f RESERVED Reserved for generic SOME/IP errors. These errors will be specified in future versions of this document.
0x20 – 0x3f RESERVED Reservedforspecificerrorsofservicesand methods. These errors are specified by the interface specification.
  • Note注意:
    The Return Code is is not applicable for SOME/IP-SD.
    Return Code不适用于SOME / IP-SD。
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